FAQ Page

How soon will we receive our cakes?

We use UPS ground shipping which usually takes 2-5 business days, taking into consideration that here is no delivery on Saturdays and Sundays.


Where should we keep the cakes?​

The cakes are good for 3 months at room temperature or 9 months refrigerated in their original unopened packaging.

It is best to keep our products in refrigeration once they have been opened. Napoleons and eclairs should be refrigerated at all times.​


How does the product stay fresh for so long at room temperature without any preservatives?

Our products are made with real honey which acts as a natural preservative. Our ecological packaging also helps to keep your cakes fresh


I purchased MARLENKA from another website, am I still eligible for a replacement or a refund for a damaged product?

We are not accountable for any MARLENKA purchases made from any unofficial websites. For the best quality care, we recommend using the official MARLENKA US website.