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  • Classic Honey Nuggets

    Filled with sweet creamy custard with all natural ingredients! Try a box today!

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    29 votes.

  • Cocoa Honey Nuggets

    Chocolate nuggets are made for the chocolate lover!

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    9 votes.

  • Lemon Honey Nuggets

    Lemon Cake Nuggets – the perfect ending to a great meal.

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    4 votes.

  • Walnut Honey Nuggets

    Thanks to the unique formula, high-quality raw materials, and packaging method MARLENKA ®  Walnut honey nuggets have exceptional durability.

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    4 votes.

  • Apricot Honey Nuggets

    Apricot honey nuggets MARLENKA ® are  made according to an old-Armenian family recipe from the highest quality raw materials without the use of preservatives  and  synthetic dyes.

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    6 votes.

  • Gluten Free Classic Honey Nuggets

    Filled with sweet creamy custard with all natural ingredients and now available in our Gluten-Free option!

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    3 votes.

  • Cinnamon Honey Nuggets

    Nuggets are based on the recipe of the MARLENKA honey cake . In one bite you can enjoy a balanced consistency of soft dough, milk cream and an attractive touch of cinnamon.

    The product is also GMO free.

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  • Classic Honey Nuggets in Tin Gift Box

    Our delicious Honey Nuggets are filled with sweet creamy custard. Made of all natural ingredients without chemicals or preservatives! Try a box today, you won’t be sorry!

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    2 votes.

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